The Lords of Midnight return for their final adventure as Elliott whisks readers away into passion and peril with a truly likable bad-boy hero and feisty heroine. The well-paced storyline, brimming with several nail-biting escapades, keeps readers glued to the pages as much as the love story. Quite simply, this fast, sexy read is a pleasure.

Years ago Sophie chose propriety over love and sent Cameron Daggett away. She had no idea he would become a Hellhound, a thief and a skilled man of many secrets. Now Sophie’s family is being blackmailed by Cameron’s enemy. Only he has the skills to help her disentangle herself from the villain’s hold. He follows her to her seaside home, and they are able to forge a partnership to save her father’s reputation, uncover the truth of Cameron’s birth, fight off the demons of the past and prove that love never dies. (FOREVER, Nov., 360 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin