For most of her life, Tally Cruise has tried to make a connection with her biological father, Trevor Church. Although they've met before, he's never made any attempt to become a true father. When Tally gets a request to meet Trevor on his remote island, she jumps at the opportunity. Arriving on Paradise Island, she finds Trevor is still en route, so she visits with erstwhile suitor Arnaud Bouchard. The two are cruising on a yacht when an explosion rips through and Tally is thrown in the ocean.

Ex-Navy SEAL Michael Wright is engaged in a personal vendetta to destroy the man who murdered his partner and severely wounded him… the suspected arms dealer Trevor Church. Michael is scoping out the island waiting for Church to return when he spies the treacherous Arnaud with Tally.

Rescuing Church's daughter is not high on his priority list, but Michael does make the effort. To his surprise, he discovers that Tally is completely clueless about the true nature of her father. Despite his twinges of conscience and growing attraction to her, Michael is not about to be stopped from completing his mission.

It's time for the adventures of another member of the sexy and spirited Wright clan. As in her previous books, author Cherry Adair doesn't skimp on the passion, intrigue, adventure or danger. A highly satisfying ride! (Sep., 309 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith