Security expert Grady Sullivan knew it was payback when his partner stuck him with the eccentric case of the Toilet Paper King. It seems that elderly Archie Peevers of Peevers Manor thinks that one or more of his relatives may be trying to hasten his departure. Complicating this bizarre mess is the sudden arrival of Annie Kendall, who claims to be the long-lost illegitimate granddaughter of the ornery old boy.

Grady finds that not only must he protect the irascible Archie, Annie must be kept safe as well. The Peevers are a somewhat unscrupulous bunch and their servants may not be much better. Keeping both Annie and Archie alive is turning into a major undertaking, plus Grady finds that his hormones have kicked into overdrive from the sassy Annie.

Michaels characters are zany, funny and too wicked for their own good. A laugh-filled adventure! (Feb., 377 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith