Jared Cates is a player, a womans worst nightmare. He loves em and leaves em when things start getting serious. Now theres a problem hes attracted to Jenny Eastman and she refuses to give him the time of day! After they spend one intimate night together, Jared reacts in his typical fashion. He doesnt call.

Jenny cant believe what shes done. She knew the type of guy Jared was, and yet couldnt resist him. So she takes the next logical step in mending her broken heart. She becomes a member of a womens group called SCORNED.

She and the other members plan on settling old scores with Jared. Why? Because busy man that he is, Jared, at one time or another, has tossed almost every single group member to the wayside!

This was a wonderful read! The characters hadwhat else?character. Equally exciting was the building of friendships and loyalty among the sistasJenny, Stacie, Trix, and Ranisha. When Jared realizes the impact of falling in love, you can only sigh in satisfaction. He is one sweet player. (Sep., 256 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Pamela Tullos