Emily Barnett comes to the home of Michael Farrow, Earl of Winchester, to interview for a position as his ward's governess. She's shocked when the butler thinks she's interested in becoming Michael's new mistress, but desperation pushes Emily's embarrassment aside and she secures the governess position.

Emily is certainly not his usual type but, catching a glimpse of her passion, Michael decides she would make not only a fine governess but a perfect mistress as well. Now he must go about seducing her into the role.

Though naive, Emily is no fool. She recognizes the desire in both Michael and herself. It would be foolish on her part to deny them both what they want, but they don't expect their lust to twist and turn into love. However, soon Michael's ex-mistress and his conniving ward join forces to thrust Emily out of the way. In this game, murder is not out of the question.

Holt showcases what she knows, writing a luscious erotic romance as a coy innocent collides with an alpha male in steamy love scenes and hot sessions of temptation. Even though the villainesses are stereotypical bad girls, there is nothing typical about the rest of the romance. Settle in for a delectable night of reading pleasure. SEXY (Sep., 370 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin