Image of Too Hot to Hold: (Navy Seals, Book 2)


Image of Too Hot to Hold: (Navy Seals, Book 2)

The follow-up to the brilliant Hard to Hold, this new novel maintains the same degree of edginess, sexiness and out-and-out suspense readers have come to expect from Tyler. Sexy brother Nick is at the forefront this time around, and all of your favorite characters are back, including one interesting heroine.

Investigative reporter Kaylee Smith has received a message from the dead -- her dead ex-husband to be exact. He's left her a list of names to contact, names of people whose life he saved. At the bottom is Navy SEAL Nick Devane. Kaylee always believed that love had to be a combination of partnership and passion, but she's never found it. Then she meets Nick.

Unfortunately, she knows a few things about the secretive Nick that he'd rather keep buried. As Nick and Kaylee team up on a mission that takes them to Africa and puts them squarely in danger, those secrets may put a wedge between them that can never be removed. (DELL, Jan., 384 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Annette Elton