After three friends discover a college roommate wrote a book about how to have a perfect life and used them as examples of what not to do, they were determined to change their lives. Maddy is now the artist she longed to be and Christine has learned to believe in herself. Now Amy must face her fear of travel.

Taking a job as a nanny on a Caribbean cruise, Amy ends up fired and stranded on St. Bart's island. She gets a job as housekeeper to the very reclusive Mr. Gasper.

Hired by Lance Beaufort, Gasper's handyman, Amy finds herself falling in love with Gasper through conversations they have over his intercom--in spite of the fact that Lance is friendly, kind and gorgeous. However, when she discovers what is being hidden from her, will she ever be able to forgive the man she thought was perfect for her?

Ortolon does not let you down with this wonderful conclusion to her Perfect trilogy. The characters come alive and their problems are such that empathizing with them is easy. The trilogy is wrapped up nicely and with some sadness in saying goodbye to these characters. (Nov., 304 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley