Image of Too Proud to be Bought


Image of Too Proud to be Bought
TOO PROUD TO BE BOUGHT (3) by Sharon Kendrick: Zara attends a party modeling in a fancy dress created by her friend, an up-and-coming designer. There, she meets wealthy Nikolai and declines his lustful advances. Taken aback, Nikolai tracks Zara down and realizes she’s a waitress struggling to make a living — not the glamorous woman from the soirée they attended. Feeling as if Zara hid who she really was, he decides to hire her and find out if she’s a gold digger or something else entirely. Sparks do fly between this take-no-prisoners hero and his honest, hard-working heroine. Nikolai can be boorish, but it’s offset by Zara’s sweetness.
Reviewed by: 
Lauren Spielberg