Image of Too Rich and Too Dead (Murder Packs a Suitcase Mysteries)


Image of Too Rich and Too Dead (Murder Packs a Suitcase Mysteries)

This truly entertaining second mystery in the Murder Packs a Suitcase series has travel writer Mallory Marlowe heading to Aspen to catch up with an old friend and write an article about nonskiers. Of course, Mallory lands smack-dab in the middle of a baffling mystery. Great pacing and plotting, as well as wonderful descriptions of Aspen, make this a
top-notch mystery. The travel tips
and Mallory's review at the end add
a nice touch.

Mallory is off to Aspen to write her latest article and to interview a former classmate, Carly Cassidy Berman, who struck it rich by inventing a new health drink and opening an exclusive spa. Shortly after Mallory reconnects with her, Carly is found dead in a mud bath. With a vast array of suspects, including Carly's philandering husband, her ski-bum boy toy, an envious accountant, a chatty housekeeper and an old Hollywood producer, Mallory is busier than ever trying to catch a killer who's as slippery as the Colorado slopes. (BANTAM, Apr., 336 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Sandra Martin