Storm-In-His-Eyes is torn between his Indian and white heritages. He has lived with white people for a time, but has not been accepted. He returns to Montana and his Blackfoot Indian village to start again, but an affair with the sheriff's daughter makes him a renegade.

The angry sheriff frames Storm for murder, and he is wounded in his getaway attempt.

Doctor's assistant Tess Summers is kidnapped and taken to heal Storm. He proves a most stubborn patient, but she has a stronger will. Tess nurses Storm back to health and the animosity between them sizzles, even as attraction and desire flourish.

Storm tells himself he is crazy to want another white woman, but his heart recognizes his soul mate and refuses to abandon her. Storm risks all to clear his name and claim the woman he loves.

Deborah Camp brings her tale to life with beautiful narrative and strong characters. Readers will enjoy this exciting adventure about a healer and her obstinate patient. SENSUAL (Feb., 386 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Maria C. Ferrer