Image of Too Wicked To Kiss (Zebra Debut)


Image of Too Wicked To Kiss (Zebra Debut)

Ridley sets the stage for her gothic with hallmark elements: a foreboding mansion, a dark and guilt-ridden hero, murder, danger and a lonely heroine with
a psychic gift. It's an entertaining and emotionally charged debut.

Fleeing her abusive stepfather, Evangeline Pemberton takes refuge with Lady Stanton. Her life changes again at a house party at the home of Gavin Lioncroft, who is rumored to have killed his parents. Evangeline learns that the Stantons took her in to trick Gavin into marrying their daughter. Unwilling to return home, she abets their scheme.

Gavin is kind yet dangerous when provoked, and when Evangeline touches him she sees no visions. When Gavin is the prime suspect in a murder, she uses her gift to prove his innocence, and Gavin realizes she is his soul mate. But can he protect her from her stepfather? (ZEBRA, Mar., 400 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond