Jane Mayhew is a spinster who would never have anything to do with the notorious rake, Ethan Sinclair, the Earl of Chasebourne (Chase). But when an infant that she believes to be his love child is left on her doorstep, Jane confronts him.

Chase does not believe he is the father, but Janes sharp rebuke about his irresponsibility toward his daughter, Marianne, makes him resolve to find out just who Mariannes mother is.

Jane will not leave Marianne in the earls hands and follows him to London. Leaving her sheltered Wessex countryside home for Chases world of privilege, Jane becomes tangled in a world of wealth, intrigue and great passion with a handsome, worldly, sensual man.

Jane turns Chases world topsy turvy, but he does much the same to her heart. In TOO WICKED TO LOVE Barbara Dawson Smith makes magic, bringing unlikely people together in a dance of love that is exciting, mysterious and altogether joyous. Watching her characters change and grow is a special treat. Savor this delicious, delightful masterpiece. SENSUAL (Apr., 334 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin