Image of Too Wicked to Love (The Brides of Nevarton Chase)


Image of Too Wicked to Love (The Brides of Nevarton Chase)

Clever, romantic, passionate and adventurous, Mullins’ latest is reading pleasure. From the dynamic beginning to the dramatic climax she balances suspense with sexual tension and readers will stay on their toes eagerly anticipating the satisfying ending.

Once fooled twice shy, heiress Lady Genevieve Wallington-Wallis trusts no man. But she is attracted to the mysterious, handsome coachman, John Ready. John has painstakingly planned out his disguise. If anyone should discover he is really a duke he will be sent for the gallows as a killer. He must clear his name and prove the villain Raventhorpe’s guilt in his wife’s death. But Genny keeps getting in his way. On the hunt for the evidence he needs, John becomes bodyguard to Genny’s friend at a house party. Thrust together, they form a truce that grows into a deep passion. Genny will not allow John to have his revenge alone. She will risk everything to see him free. (AVON, Jun., 380 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin