Image of Too Wicked to Tame


Image of Too Wicked to Tame

With her second book, Jordan proves that she's a talent to be reckoned with. Sensual, emotional, well written and original, it's a twist on the Beauty and the Beast scenario that touches many a reader's secret fantasies.

As scion of the "Mad" Moreton clan, Heath Moreton is determined not to marry and pass his tainted blood on to the next generation. So why is he so intrigued by the wet, bedraggled young lady he meets when he nearly runs her down on the road?

With a perfect reputation and a fine lineage, Lady Portia Derring should be society's darling, but her penniless state makes it imperative that she marry, which is how she becomes the one chosen to travel to wet, windswept Yorkshire to wed Moreton. As the reluctant Portia is dragged into Heath's home and family life, she begins to understand the enigmatic nobleman and the fears that plague him. As she falls in love, Portia may stave off his sexual advances, but she cannot stop her heart from reaching out to him. She may be the only woman capable of taming the beast that rages in his heart and helping him find the means to uncover the truth about the strain of madness that haunts his family. (Avon, Mar., 384 pp., $5.99)
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Kathe Robin