Holt delivers a delicious erotic romance with heart and soul. There's lust,
love and laughter, which add another dimension to the passion. (You should be able to laugh during sex, after all!) Holt allows fantasies to soar and hearts to fly in this powerful new novel.

With her desolate brother gambling away her family estate and her virtue, Helen Mansfield is ready to beg the notorious pirate captain turned war hero Luke Westmoreland to forget the wager. But Luke sees Helen as the key to his plan of avenging his mother and ruining her family. The illegitimate son of a duke, Luke intends to use Helen and toss her aside. But he's fascinated with the drab little bird whose boldness and intelligence speak to him. Instead of simply taking her to his bed, he asks her to tutor him in how to be a gentleman.

Their meetings are often witty conversations that become slow, hot lessons in love. As vengeance turns to fiery passion and lust to love, their awakening desires place them in danger from her brother's vicious lover. (St. Martin's, Sep., 352 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin