From the moment that Air Force Major Zurich Kingdom sets eyes on staff sergeant Hailey Hamilton, the blandness of TOP SECRET RENDEZVOUS begins. The characters shamelessly size each other up, saying things such as, "I'd love to buy you a refill when you're ready for one." Unfortunately, this attempt at innuendo and banter does nothing for the characters' chemistry.

On vacation in Texas, both Zurich and Hailey immediately fall for each other and decide that for two weeks they'll have a no-strings-attached relationship. This isn't easy, as both are doing their best to avoid telling the other what they do for their livelihood. But after seeing Hailey expertly drop-kick a man to the floor, Zurich knows she's no ordinary woman.

When the two separate after the agreed upon two weeks, their story doesn't end. Both are stationed in Frankfurt, Germany, and the rules implicity state that they're not allowed to be romantically involved. This story is recommended only to readers who are able to read past the extraneous details and look beyond the stiff and contrived chemistry between the hero and heroine. As sweet as the thought of love in the armed forces is, the story does not work for readers seeking passion and intrigue. This is one Rendezvous that does not sizzle. (Jun., 280 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Diana White