Ms. Kirkwood deftly captures that gilded age's flavor and delivers an absorbing, emotional tale of treachery, sacrifice and a true love which transcends time.

Nick Marvel, a 1920's club owner, thought he had his life under control. Co-owner of The High Life Club in Chicago, Nick has dealt with all types of shady characters, but in one night his whole life changes. While walking back to the club, a strange fog creeps in and Nick hears a beautiful and compelling voice. Entering the fog, Nick is transported nearly seventy years into the future.

Toss DuLauriers, a teacher and history doctoral student, is flabbergasted when a living, breathing Nicky Marvel appears out of the fog before her. Tess has been intrigued by Nicky Marvel since a friend's grandmother, showed old clippings about Nicky's mysterious disappearance in the '20s. But having the man himself show up is beyond comprehension.

Despite the gulf between them, Toss and Nicky are drawn toward each other. What really happened the night Nicky vanished? If Toss and Nicky discover a way back through time, what will happen if they use it? Will they change history itself?

(Nov., 384 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith