Image of Torn (Blood Lily Chronicles, Book 2)


Image of Torn (Blood Lily Chronicles, Book 2)

The battle between good and evil
continues in this top-notch second installment of The Blood Lily Chronicles, the story of demon hunter Lily, aka Alice, a spirited protagonist who narrates in the first person. Some violence and a bit of demon sex will take readers over the edge as twists and plenty of action move this tale relentlessly toward an ending that builds anticipation for book three.

Lily went after her sister's rapist, who thought he killed her. Instead, she was brought back in another body for a chance at redemption. All she has to do is kill demons and prevent the end of the world.

But Lily was duped; she's been working for the wrong side. The ninth gate to hell is open, and an army of demons is getting ready to cross over. Allied with bad-boy demon Deacon, Lily must work as a double agent to take out the bad guys. (ACE, Dec., 320 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Gail Pruszkowski