Image of Torn Apart


Image of Torn Apart

Not for the squeamish, this thriller offers dead bodies, gun fights, explosions and more. If you are looking for murder and mayhem, you will appreciate the soulless serial killers who terrorize the Midwest with their chilling crime spree. Unfortunately there is so much happening that the reader can very easily become lost. The author attempts to create connections between the law enforcement officers tasked with tracking the killers down, but the plot moves so fast it is nearly impossible to keep up with the different characters.

A group of criminals race towards Naperville, Illinois leaving a wake of destruction. Their drug running, kidnapping and killing spree quickly gains the attention of Detective Emily Thompson and her police team. Racing to stop her town from being devastated by the serial killers, Emily is personally affected by their crimes. Her confidence is shaken and Emily is not sure she will be able to stop the villains in time to save those she loves. (Pinnacle, July, $6.99, pp. 320)

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Dawn Crowne