Fiery Amber Talisman is the queen of bad luck. So it's not a huge surprise when, one week after moving to Texas, she finds herself being evacuated because of a sudden hurricane.

She thinks her luck might be changing when handsome Sheriff Joe Lott rescues her and her tortoise Flamingo after a car accident and takes them to his home. There, amid further catastrophes--including drug dealers, Amber's spell-casting mom and a swarm of killer bees--Amber and Joe are overcome with desire.

This story makes for sexy, enjoyable reading. The sassy repartee that gives way to the even sassier love scenes between Amber and Joe compensates for some holes in the plot. There's also a good deal of humor involving the tortoise that adds to this lighthearted romp. (dl $5.95)
Reviewed by: 
Stephanie Schneider