THE TORTURED REBEL by Alison Roberts (4): James "Jet" Munroe is an adrenaline junkie which is why he is so well suited as an army doctor and emergency specialist. No risk is too great, so when he is called to rescue survivors from a volcanic explosion that still rocks a small island in the Pacific, Jet is more than ready to step in. The only problem is that the pilot assigned to fly him is none other than Becca Harding - the woman who vowed never to speak to him again. Even after decades, Becca is still angry with Jet because she feels he failed to save her brother's life. However, she is not willing to risk her dream assignment as an emergency rescue pilot, so she agrees to fly Jet into the middle of the disaster. Nothing goes as planned and the two are stranded together on the island which forces them to come to terms with the past and also look towards a future that neither thought possible. Readers looking for action, get ready, because Jet and Becca spend the entire length of the novel on a collision course with a deadly volcano. However, even with the danger, the author is careful to include the characters' emotional journey. A throughly satisfying read.

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Dawn Crowne