Snow-capped Kilimanjaro gives fashion designer Alexandra Prescott more adventure than she bargained for when she planned her trek to Kenya to study the fauna and wildlife for a line of exotic fabrics.

She hadnt realized that Nairobi, Kenya would not be well-suited to her designer tastes. Then a financial disaster strikes her multi-million dollar fortune and a stalker wants her dead. She flies into the arms of the eccentric anthropologist, Grant Thorton, who is also the antithesis of her dream man. His passion is for Africa and he seems to have no room in his life for romance, particularly with a woman he considers an Ivy League snob.

Catherine Palmer spins romance and suspense with shades of the African grasslands. She weaves vivid threads of landscape, language, culture and history, to create a memorable read. Brava! (Nov., 275 pp., $9.99)

Reviewed by: 
Roberta Blair