These days, readers have a rich range
of paranormal worlds to choose from, and St. Giles adds another powerful one to that list. One intriguing element is the combination of traditional good versus evil combatants breaking into the human world and how science may affect them. No question, the Shadowmen are definitely prime hero material, which means readers can look forward to much more from this talented and versatile author.

Discovering your boss is a killer is certainly terrifying, but that's only the start of nurse Erin Morgan's problems. While trying to escape from Dr. Cinatas and the Sno-Med facility, Erin's car is attacked by a horrific beast. Incredibly, a giant silver wolf saves her, but the beast bites him in the process. Her silver savior is Jared, a Shadowman, one of the shape-shifting Blood Hunters who periodically venture into the mortal realm to protect humans against minions of the evil Vladarian Order.

Jared's bite from the attacking Tsara demon is infectious -- and fatal. How long can he continue to protect Erin against those who stalk her before he falls prey to the evil disease eating into his soul? (POCKET, Sep., 320 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith