Image of Touch of Darkness (Thrall, Book 3)


Image of Touch of Darkness (Thrall, Book 3)

The conclusion of Adams and Clamp's high-stakes Thrall trilogy is well worth the wait. That Kate has severe family issues adds a layer of reality to all the characters and their relationships. Complex plotting and abiding romance bring Kate's first-person world to vivid life. Do not miss out!

Having survived several nasty encounters with the vampiric Thrall, Kate Reilly is looking forward to marrying werewolf Tom Bishop. But fate is not done with Kate. A psychotic werewolf ex of Tom's is out to stop the wedding.

As Kate and Tom try to gain the necessary permission from the pack for their wedding, they learn that Kate's brother Brian, a former Eden drug addict, has gone undercover at a Thrall halfway house. What Brian learns is horrifying. Rather than helping Eden victims, the Thrall is really plotting a takeover. Since the Thrall has been manipulating the media, Kate is seen as the bad guy. Can she find a way to prevent disaster? (TOR PARANORMAL ROMANCE, Aug., 432 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith