Image of Touch of Evil


Image of Touch of Evil

Thompson delivers a riveting story of deceit, murder and mystery intertwined with romance and family loyalty. The characters' backgrounds bring them to life, and Thompson's creative, descriptive phrases make her scenes easy to picture. The ending is well done, yet leaves one longing for just a little more time with these folks.

Sheriff Justine Wofford is a widow who's finishing up her husband's term as sheriff, to the displeasure of a number of her deputies. After being hit over the head, she's treated by her former lover, Dr. Ross Bollinger, who is back on duty after a virus damaged his heart. Ross and Justine are struggling with bad feelings from the brief but intense affair they had some months ago.

Justine isn't pleased when she's called to investigate a break-in at the home where Ross' niece, Laney, is staying, especially once Laney becomes a suspect in three hanging/suicides that may have been murder. Things become more complicated when one of Justine's deputies is murdered and she and Laney end up as suspects. (LOVE SPELL, Mar., 320 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley