Aryn is a mere mortal who partners with half-elf, half-gypsy Tyriel as a sword master. Together, they go around protecting traveling groups. There's strong sexual tension between Aryn and Tyriel, but Aryn holds back. He wields a special sword, which is enchanted by an entity named Irian.

Aryn and Tyriel fight numerous dangerous battles, saving many lives along the way, sometimes with the help of the irascible Irian and sometimes with an elf named Jaren. It takes a horrifying experience for Aryn and Tyriel to realize what they truly mean to each other.

Walker pens an intriguing story, displaying her versatility with a tale unlike any of her previous work. Touch of Gypsy Fire resounds with danger, violence and passion. This world of elves, gypsies, mages and possession is most definitely a keeper. (Jul. '04, 228 pp., $11.49)
Reviewed by: 
Leigh Rowling