Comprised of two novellas, "Perfumed Heat" and "In the Heat of the Night," Mays' A Touch of Heat is a real pleasure to read. Both feature members of the Gray family.

When werewolf Artemis Gray's mate passed away, his desire for any other died too. In "Perfumed Heat," Artemis wants to expand his men's cologne company, and human Moira Archer comes into his life. Her passionate natural scent, mixing with the compelling perfumes she develops, wakens his senses. But Moira has family secrets. Very sensual sex and strong characters make this a delight.

In "In the Heat of the Night," Serena Wilde has to get away from work or the full moon will reveal secrets she can't share. But her boss, Dr. Kearnan Gray, demands she show up for a meeting about a new breeding program at his wolf preserve. Kearnan is more than a wolf expert, and his interest in Serena isn't just professional. He knows more than Serena can imagine—about her, about werewolves and about sexual pleasure.

Mays has created a strong group of characters, and the sex and excitement are nonstop. (dl $4.95)
Reviewed by: 
Page Traynor