Image of Touch of Heaven (Kimani Romance)


Image of Touch of Heaven (Kimani Romance)
TOUCH OF HEAVEN (4.5) by Maureen Smith: Raina has loved Warrick since she was his youngest sister's 11-year-old sidekick. When Raina doesn't provide an alibi for her, however, his sister goes to prison while Raina goes to college. Fast forward 12 years. Warrick is a businessman and Raina owns a spa in the location where he wants to build a new office complex. When she turns down his offer to buy her building the negotiations begin, and Warrick falls for Raina, despite the uproar it causes in his family. Smith does a masterful job bringing Warrick and Raina from sworn enemies to lovers, and the trip is so intriguing the story is hard to put down!
Reviewed by: 
Debbie R. Sims