Image of a Touch of Ice: an everly gray adventure


Image of a Touch of Ice: an everly gray adventure

The first Everly Gray adventure gets the series off to a promising start. There is a fine romance deftly integrated into the action. The momentum is never lost as all the pieces of the puzzle dovetail into a nicely-wrapped conclusion. Readers will look forward to the other books in the series.

Everly’s fingers are powerful weapons. With just a touch of her hands, this heroine can reveal the secrets of anyone or anything. But rather than invade others’ privacy, Everly avoids their personal space — except with their permission. When she has it, she uses that information for the personal coaching business she runs.

Then, Everly gets a vision, followed by a nightmare so vivid she captures it on a storyboard. Her best friend Violet, a “private inquirer,” sees enough in the picture to take it to her friend on the police force and an investigation begins. At the same time, Ev meets Mitch, a photographer and sparks fly. Their romance progresses slowly as Ev’s sensitive fingers reveal a murder and three mysterious thugs that have everyone chasing the bad guys. (SELF-PUBLISH, Jul., dl. $3.99)

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Donna M. Brown