Seeking clues to help her find her missing uncle, Abigail Parker returns to the streets of Boston where she lived between the ages of ten and seventeen. What she learns takes her West, following the last known route her uncle took to sell cosmetics in the brothels of gold mining towns.

In Dangling Rope, Colorado, near infamous Cripple Creek, Gunnar Kincaid is trying to help his impractical brother Nathan realize his dreams of transforming a ragtag population of misfits into a prospering town. Abby arrives on the day Gunnar and the townspeople are displaying themselves as a town fit to be a county seat. Her unscheduled stagecoach stop promises to impress the visiting dignitaries until she marches up to the local brothel to deliver her uncle's cosmetics. Then she promptly causes a comic riot defending her virtue from stubborn miners mistaking her for a working resident.

Abby's quest for her missing uncle soon involves Gunnar, Nathan and the future of Dangling Rope. She wins the love of both Gunnar and Nathan but loves only Gunnar, who's caught between his love for her and his need to avoid hurting his brother.

Margaret Brownley writes a warm, entertaining love story with a cast of colorful secondary characters and the farcical elements of the best comic Western films like "Support Your Local Sheriff" and "Two Mules For Sister Sarah." Even the local Utes play along. SENSUAL (Feb., 384 pp., $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Gerry Benninger