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Carin Rafferty adds a spellbinding touch of Indian mysticism to her new, mesmerizing novel of modern-day witchery.

When an ancient artifact stored in the wiccan community begins to emit an eerie glow, warlock Sebastian Morel knows that he is about to face the greatest threat to the continued existence of his race. Part of an evil talisman that caused the terror at the Salem Witch Trials, it now signals the discovery of the other carefully scattered pieces which, when assembled, may spell the end of mankind.

Drawn to the Black Hills of South Dakota by an ensuing vision, he encounters the beautiful Sarah, guardian of the third piece, who has sworn to protect her people from its evil ambiance. But who is she really, and just what is the true nature of her Indian spirit guide? As the holder of the first piece draws nearer, Sarah and Sebastian must find a way to mutual trust if utter destruction is to be averted.

Although the lovers spend much of their time under the evil influence of the talisman, Ms. Rafferty finds a way to create a sizzling, blistering romance in an intriguing storyline bound to capture every reader's imagination. (Jan., 384 pp., $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
M. Helfer