Carin Rafferty casts a magic spell of enchantment over romance fans with a smashing second encounter with the witches and warlocks of Sanctuary.

It is a temptation that not even a witch could resist. As Shana Morland ponders her solitary state during the celebration of Samhain, violating the taboo against using an ancient but cursed Tarot deck to catch a glimpse of her future does not seem like such a bad thing to do. But the curse turns out to be alive and well in the form of Moira, a powerful witch determined to escape her unique prison and live once again at the expense of her unfortunate liberator.

According to legend, however, Shana must be well and truly in love before Moira can take over her future. And theres no danger of that happening until handsome Ryan Alden comes roaring into her life on his Harley-Davidson motorcycle and crashes at her feet. Even unconscious, he ignites a passion in her that is almost terrifying in its intensity.

Who is this mysterious stranger and why is there such a strong link between them? The answers can only be found through a passionate union that will leave readers breathless. Raising supernatural romance to a splendid new plateau of excellence, Ms. Rafferty proves herself to be a mesmerizing storyteller of the highest order. (Mar., 384 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer