This fast-paced erotic romance continues the Awesome Foursome tales with friend No. 3: an uptight, overworked lawyer. Background information from the previous stories is provided a bit awkwardly and feels disconnected
from the story. But that's not a huge problem, given the three quirky, opinion-filled friends, one hot massage therapist (with a touch for the tantric) and the heroine's laugh-out-loud inner monologues. Lyons creates page after sensual page of unique touch, taste
and locale with some "hot monkey
sex" thrown in. Look to be turned
on from start to finish.

When Ann Montgomery's career literally becomes a pain in her neck, she seeks the help of a massage therapist. She finds Adonis Stefanakis, who has never wanted to help a client like he does Ann.

They come together repeatedly, taking turns in control and broadening each other's view of the world, until Ann fears she may be changing too drastically. Can she maintain a relationship with Adonis and not lose focus on her career -- and does she even want to? (Aphrodisia, Sep., 304 pp., $12.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jennifer Madsen