Paul captivates readers with a story that's an entrancing, intriguing blend of magic and romance. Niclas Seymour, a member of a powerful clan that hides its magical powers from the world, is defying the curse that has cast him out by escorting Julia Linley to Wales to rescue her aunt.

Julia has adored Niclas for years, but the man who comes to her aid is not the dashing rogue she knew but a man who needs calming and peace. To Julia, he is her perfect hero.

Their journey is one of self-discovery, especially when the Seymour family's arch rival, the evil Lord Calmaren, attempts to woo Julia to his dark side. Niclas will fight his personal demons and Calmaren to save the woman who is his destiny.

Paul has crafted a remarkably appealing romance that is as dark in magic as it is light in its faith in the power of love. Her strong characters and instinctive belief in all that is good are evident on every page of this masterful paranormal romance. A must for fans of Susan Carroll and Katherine Kingsley. SWEET (Aug., 380 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin