Tracy Forbes' debut is a stunning novel, beautifully blending the haunting magic of the Highlands with a sensual romance and a love that has the power to confront an ancient curse.

Catherine MacClelland hides a dark secret that prevents her from marrying. But when her father blackmails Nicholas, Duke of Efington, into becoming her husband, she has no choice. Catherine's father knows that Nicholas is the only man with the power to free Catherine from the strange shape shifting that occurs with the rise of the moon.

Nicholas finds Catherine intriguing, beautiful and easy to love, yet he senses that she is hiding something dark and ominous. He uncovers the meaning of the curse and with it the desire to break the magic spell that binds her.

Yet, as their love grows so do the forces that threaten them and old beliefs that would destroy them.

You'll be lured into the magical and highly romantic world Tracy Fobes creates in this dazzling debut. Clever, evocative and magical, she crafts memorable characters and a spellbinding paranormal romance that will appeal to readers seeking something very special. (Oct,. 380 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin