Frances most notorious rogue, Pasha Duras, becomes an unlikely hero when he rescues a young English woman from trouble and finds himself drawn into a world where danger and passion mix.

Beatrice has been held prisoner so that others could gain her sons inheritance. Pashas timely entrance sets her free, but she finds herself in another kind of jail when he decides to take her into his bed.

Pasha does not try to deny his attraction to the violet-eyed beauty he finds in his enemys bed. Believing her to be a courtesan, he sees no problem in keeping her. But when he learns the truth, he vows to see her safely home, while continuing to seduce her.

Their relationship explodes into a highly-charged union and it is difficult for them to part when Pasha undertakes a mission to Greece. Lust may initially have driven this relationship, but now love flourishes.

However, it isnt long before her sons life is endangered and Beatrice traces Pasha to the perilous battlefields and falls into the hands of his most hated enemy.

In A TOUCH OF SIN, Susan Johnson returns to the sensual world of her famous Russian romances, bringing readers an exotic, erotic tale. Those who want accurate, historical details combined with sizzling sensuality will find both here, along with the kind of hero we dream about. A TOUCH OF SIN contains the type of magic that has made Susan Johnson incomparable. SPICY (On Sale Mar., 367 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin