What better way to reward Damian Stratton, the "Demon Knight," than to give him the title, Lord of Misterly, and have him remain in Scotland to keep the clans in line? In payment for this kindness, King Edward demands that Damian stop Elissa Fraser's marriage and thwart the unification of two powerful clans.

Damian arrives at Misterly in time to stop the wedding. He further incurs Elissa's wrath when he prevents her escape, but wins a concession when he promises not to send her mother and sisters to a convent if she behaves.

Elissa doesn't want this Englishman in her home, but to preserve the clan she will do what is necessary. Somehow Damian has gotten under her skin with his kindness and fairness. Still, she cannot come to terms with her attraction to him, while Damian makes it very clear that he wants Elissa in his bed.

A troubled truce exists between them while they explore their feelings and passions for each other. However, the truce is nearly eroded by Damian's jealous fiancée and the king's anger at their impulsive acts.

Ms. Mason has written a wonderful love story of opposites attracting. Elissa and Damian learn that love is the fabric that holds them together and united, they can accomplish anything. If you love Scottish settings or romances with humor, insight and a rapid pace, then you'll love this tale from a master storyteller. SENSUAL (Feb., 379 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Evelyn Feiner