Image of Touch of Surrender (Touch Trilogy)


Image of Touch of Surrender (Touch Trilogy)

This is an ideal blend of suspense, romance, action and intrigue, all set within an amazing paranormal world. Byrd continues to create wonderful romantic plots amidst the powerful and complicated Watchmen who protect the world from demons and an ever-looming annihilation.

Morgan Cantrell has fought hard to overcome her weaknesses and prove she's a great Watchman. And to work with Kierland, the lycan who broke her heart and hates her, is just another battle she must fight. She'll get through it, to save his brother, she must. Yet when her passions for Kierland are reignited, she loses her heart to him all over again. Can she trust it this time?

Kierland Scott has spent the past years hating Morgan more because of her power over him than anything she's really done, yet he uses her past and his false beliefs to keep them apart. However when they're forced to work side by side to rescue his brother, Kierland must face the truth: he loves her. The question is, will he be able to face it in time to save her life? (HQN, May, 368 pp., $7.99)
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Annette Elton