A TOUCH OF TEMPTATION (4.5) by Tara Pammi: Deprived of her mother’s love and always striving for her father’s affections, control freak Kim Stanton is not prepared for the consequences of one fateful night with her estranged husband, Diego Pereira. Too bad she can’t manipulate away her pregnancy — or Diego. From the mean streets of Brazil to a posh Manhattan penthouse, Diego has fought for legitimacy and respect. The one fight he doesn’t seem to be able to win is the battle for the heart of the only woman he loves: his wife. Pammi reverses the usual gender roles with an emotional, protective and tortured hero and a logical, cold and broken heroine who are pursuing a second chance at romance. These characters should probably wear boxing gloves because their battles and subsequent lovemaking are title-worthy.
Reviewed by: 
Debbie Haupt