Image of Touch of a Thief


Image of Touch of a Thief

Sensuality, sexuality, passion and mystery blend into a wonderfully entertaining tale where a prince, a lord and a jewel thief join forces to reclaim a powerful gem. Though her story is suspenseful and sexually charged, Marlowe never allows one aspect to overshadow the other. Her three-dimensional characters truly steal readers’ hearts and keep the pages flying.

To keep her family from ruin Lady Viola Preston becomes a jewel thief. She not only has a gift for picking locks, but she can sense a jewel’s presence and resonance. When a priceless red diamond is stolen from a temple in India, Greydon Quinn vows to retrieve the jewel and return it before India explodes in rebellion. He needs Viola’s help, so he catches the little thief and blackmails her into stealing the stone from the courier delivering the gem to the queen. They head off on a journey that leads from the beautifully romantic city of Paris to Hanover and back to London, but it is also a journey that draws them into passion. One false lead gives way to another until the real stone is found. Yet they must still discover that their love is more precious than any gem. (BRAVA, May, 340 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin