Cassidy Holt can hardly believe she is in the drawing rooms of Regency England, about to meet her mothers relatives for the first time. After years of orphaned loneliness, she would have a family.

But there is nothing familial about her first encounter with Braden, the Earl of Greyborn and head of the werewolf community. Even taking into account the mesmerizing dominance of an alpha werewolf, theres something about Greyborn that cries out to her heart.

Why, though, would he care about an insignificant girl who has never managed to Change even once? Especially when he is so devoted to preserving the werewolf race?

With deceptively simple prose, Ms. Krinard catches you up in the hopes and fears of an intriguing gaggle of characters as she creates a compelling, unforgettable romance of two lonely people who finally discover that love holds all the answers. SENSUAL. (Nov., 416 pp., $5.95)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer