The three angels, Goodness, Mercy and Shirley, tackle New York City itself. As usual, they have their own ideas about how to best respond to a person in need.

Brynn Cassidy is an idealistic young teacher attempting to reach the troubled teens of Manhattan High. The Angel Gabriel feels that Brynn's case is too complex and discouraging for the likes of Shirley, but the plucky young angel is determined to help Brynn find love and hope. Shirley's Answer? Local mechanic shop owner, Roberto Alcantara. Roberto is doing his best to keep his young brother Emilio out of trouble, thinking the last thing the Alcantara family needs is an idealistic teacher (no matter how attractive) butting in. It's up to Shirley to show Roberto just how wrong he is!

Goodness is assigned the task of finding quiet Hannah Morganstern a husband. Both Hannah's parents and Gabriel are set on matching her with the Rabbi's son, Carl Rabinsky. But Goodness knows it is attorney Joshua Shadduck who will touch Hannah's heart. Can Goodness help the lovers find the strength they need to defy their families and communities?

Finally, Mercy must show Jenny Lancaster how to accept the love and happiness that was always waiting for her back home in Custer, Montana. Having failed in her dreams of making it on Broadway, and mislead her family about her level of success, Jenny feels unable to return and face their disappointment. It is up to handsome home-town neighbor, Trey LaRue, with some help from Mercy, to convince Jenny where her destiny lies.

Bestselling author Debbie Macomber finishes up her much beloved angel series with a final visit from Goodness, Mercy, and Shirley - that angelic trio with a knack for doing things their own unique way. A wonderful conclusion to a marvelous, warm-hearted series. Just the thing to brighten up the holiday season! (Nov., 307 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith