Image of Touched By Fire (Romantic Suspense #1486)


Image of Touched By Fire (Romantic Suspense #1486)
Arson investigator Samantha Ellis is fighting both literal and figurative fires. First, someone sends her house up in flames -- with her inside! Then there's the burning attraction she feels for chief of detectives A.J. Branson. But the two fight their attraction because they've been burned by love before. As they work to discover who wants Sam dead, they forge a strong bond. But will they live long enough to have a life together? Elizabeth Sinclair's story starts off like gangbusters, setting in motion parallel storylines of suspense and passion. The emotion and electricity between A.J. and Sam in Touched by Fire (4.5) jumps off the page as Sinclair guides their relationship from its initial giddiness to one of intensity and depth.
Reviewed by: 
Sandra Garcia-Myers