Image of Touched by Fire (Sentinel, Book 2)


Image of Touched by Fire (Sentinel, Book 2)

A secondary character in the first Sentinel novel, sexy Luke Paxton is back and riding his trademark Harley. Spangler adds fear of terrorism to this battle between light and dark ancient warriors reborn in human form. Spicy sensuality and deadly danger make a potent mix.

Atlantian Sentinel Luke has a policy of not getting involved with anyone, including the sexy new Conductor he unexpectedly discovers in a bar.

Because of her past, Marla Reynolds avoids men, but her usual reserve deserts her as sparks literally fly once they touch. Normally a human Conductor would be eased into the knowledge about evil Belians. However, a Belian monster is setting off bombs and killing people, so Luke must virtually kidnap Marla to get her to listen to his strange tale. Marla becomes a believer when her empathic skills bring her into psychic contact with the killer. The bombs are set, and the clock is ticking. Can they stop this menace before more lives are lost? (BERKLEY SENSATION, Oct., 320 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith