Image of Touched By Love


Image of Touched By Love

It's obvious that Garrett loves the West: its atmosphere, ruggedness, alpha heroes and strong women. Her novel reflects her passion, and readers will be entertained by her story.

Jaret Walker does the honorable thing -- gets an innocent man out of prison and promises to see to it that his ranch, Two Roses, and his sister, Isabelle Bennett, are safe.

But Walker finds Isabelle perfectly capable of running the ranch and far too independent to marry. Still, that doesn't prevent him from wanting her in his bed. Isabelle knows Walker is there to protect the ranch and uncover the reason behind the many unexplained accidents. But a girl can't help dreaming about what it would be like to surrender to a handsome cowboy's kisses. She seizes the chance to find out and, as danger mounts, their desire sizzles until they're caught in a pretend marriage and a villain's ever-tightening net. (Zebra, Nov., 380 pp., $4.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin