Image of Touching Stars (Shenandoah Album)


Image of Touching Stars (Shenandoah Album)

When it comes to illuminating the
workings of the human mind and
heart, Richards has few peers, and
this book really shows off her skills. Guaranteed to touch and amuse, it
may cause uncontrollable reminiscing about summers gone by.

Twelve years after divorcing him, Gayle Fortman allows the father of her three sons back into her life. A foreign correspondent, Eric has been wounded in Afghanistan and really has nowhere else to go -- so Gayle puts him up at her bed-and-breakfast, Daughter of the Stars, for the summer.

They both know it's absentee-dad Eric's last chance to get to know the boys; Jared and Noah are men, about to embark on their own lives, and Dillon isn't too far behind. All three have issues with their father, and working through them won't be easy. It's lucky that Gayle has plenty of friends, including her neighbor, widowed teacher Travis Allen, to support her in the meantime. (MIRA, Jul., 528 pp., $24.95)
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer