Cassie Dalton, widowed rancher, has earned her son's inheritance the hard way, as a mail-order bride to a brutal man. But now that he is dead, she's finally able to take charge of her life and the men who work for her.

That is, until Andrew Dalton, her dead husband's son arrives just released from prison. Branded a cattle rustler, his only hope of making a life for himself is the ranch. And he has no intention of sharing it with his father's widow.

Cassie and Drew struggle with each other as they try to survive the town's prejudice and an unknown enemy's fatal plot. Caught between their own secret pasts and their passion for each other, they must challenge a dead man's legacy before finding happiness.

Ms. Camp's consistent theme of rough men comes through loud and clear with both lead characters, and her vision of the Old West is dramatic and real. However, a son taking his father's widow as his own may disturb some readers long after the tale is told. SENSUAL (Nov., 375 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Anne Black