Adele Bishop wants the town's men not to order brides by mail, so she places an ad for a mail-order husband. She is shocked when Reno Gold gets off the train in answer to her ad. He has never forgotten his long ago love and neither has she. She wonders how the years have changed the boy into a man, but she intends to tell him that the ad was a ruse and she never intended to marry.

Reno's only been drunk twice, both times because of Adele. He wonders how the years have changed her and deals with the tension of meeting her again by sipping too much whiskey. The renewal of the love isn't off to a promising start when Reno gets off the train and passes out at Adele's feet. Reno demands Adele honor her promise to marry her mail-order husband and both spend the rest of the novel trying to find the young love inside the people they have become.

Ms. Camp's writing style quickly captures the aura of the West. Her secondary characters add to the romance and her humor thoroughly entertains the reader, but the reason Adele refuses marriage, confusion about marriage contracts and sexual morals wear a bit thin. SENSUAL (May, 373 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Gerry Benninger