During World War II, the three daughters of Cecelia Hayes have found love and heartbreak. Jacqueline is married to and pregnant with the child of a JapaneseAmerican now interned in a prison camp in the States. She plans to join her husband in the camp. Cameron is a news correspondent in Russia. She is covering the Eastern front and risking her own freedom, as well as her beloved's life, in a romance with a Russian doctor. Blair has flown around the world to the Japaneseoccupied Philippines in search of the husband she betrayed with her lies. All three women find danger, tragedy and triumph on their chosen paths. Each looks with hope TOWARD THE SUNRISE (4). Judith Pella's deft touch with characterization provides a historically rich and riveting tale in this third installment of the Daughters of Fortune series. (Nov., 464 pp., $12.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill Elizabeth Nelson