Toombs writes a pleasant, if
predictable, tale that pits good
against evil, but it's relatively
easy to know where the players
fit in the puzzle, even as each
is introduced. This story
is suitable for young adults.

Margaret Wentworth is surprised to learn that her life as a gypsy named Tina has been a sham to protect her until her father summons her. The Rom prepare her for life among the gaje and send her by train to Graystone mansion. During the trip, she discovers her father is dead, and she's menaced by Jason Ward, who at first seems to try to kill her. But then he saves her life and warns her about the dangers of her voyage.

At the end of her journey, Margaret meets her only relative, a distant cousin whom she fears is after her inheritance. When Margaret realizes Jason has deceived her, she once again fears for her life.

But after she learns the tower holds secrets that might answer her questions, will she and Jason unite to fight their adversaries? (, dl $6.00)
Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown